Meet The Author: Kirkus MacGowan

Kirkus MacGowan wrote his first novel at age eight about traveling to Mars to find the cure for cancer. But then he put his writing dreams on hold for twenty-five years and focused his energies on playing baseball. He moved on when he found playing softball with his friends more enjoyable.
Since then, he graduated with a B.S. in Psychology, married a woman too good to be true, and moved back to his hometown. He gave up an amazing career waiting tables and now stays at home with his two crazy children. He spends his time writing thrillers and fantasy and wrestling with his kids.

In MacGowan’s novel, The Fall of Billy Hitchings, fate pushes an average nineteen-year-old teenager, Billy, into a whirlwind of fear and questions. His curiosity gets the best of him, and it may be his undoing. There is talk of an ancient legend and a not so ancient artifact. Will his new friends help him find the answers he seeks? Or will they betray him to their own desires?

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Sample first chapter of his newest novel: Wrath

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