Looking for chills, thrills, and suspense? Check out these authors:

I'd like to introduce you to three published authors and one coming-soon novelist. For more information, just click their cover.

Erica Fletcher is beautiful, smart, tough, and nothing can knock her off course. She's spent her life running away from her mother’s mistakes, locking her emotions away, and focusing on her career. But when she finally decides to slow down and allow real romance to bloom, her life suddenly turns to chaos. Two hundred million dollars disappears from the firm where she works and all evidence points to Erica. Now she must fight for her life as she struggles to hold on to the new woman she's become

A murder amid the madness of New Orleans Mardi Gras, where no one is what they seem, and evil is only a whisper away.
When Rita Brooks meets Brian LaPorte via an Internet website, she’s happy knowing he’s a safe distance away. But after a horrific car accident, she emerges from a coma remembering a cryptic message by another soul. When Brian’s brother shows up, demanding to know her part in his suicide attempt, she’s sure that soul was Brian. To make sense of his urgent message, she must go to New Orleans.
Christopher is the shadow to Brian’s light, everything that intimidates … and draws her. Unfortunately, she needs his help, because Brian had shadows, too, and someone is trying to kill his secrets. Amidst the chaotic revelry of Mardi Gras, she is plunged into a bizarre masquerade where masks conceal secrets, longings, and murderous intent.


When unseen forces cause a building to implode around Billy Hitchings, a nineteen-year-old working in a fast-food joint, multiple lives intertwine to unearth the source of the evil.
Coincidence and his own curiosity push Billy into a tangled mess of dark questions with darker answers, at the heart of which are rumors of an ancient legend and a not-so-ancient artifact.
John Reeves, a former marine now working as a bodyguard for high-profile political figures, only wants to reconcile with his fiancée who along with her coworker, Dr. Amfar Ditrpra, have orders to deliver a trunkful of ancient artifacts for additional research to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
When their paths cross, Billy needs to resolve whether his new friends will help him find the answer he seeks or betray him to their own needs?

And introducing Stacy Green
Stacy's novel, Into the Dark will be available soon. She is working with a publisher, and you'll be hearing great things from this romantic-suspense, thriller writer. Until then, follow the link below to read excerpts of Stacy's work and to follow her true-crime posts.

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