Meet Published Author Erin Kern

A Texas native, Erin moved around umpteen times before settling down in the Ft. Worth area with her husband and two children.

An avid reader, she has spent countless hours on Amazon, researching her favorite authors, looking for that perfect book. It was only a matter of time before she would write her own story.

While going about her daily routine one day, an idea came to her, and she sat down at the computer and started typing. She confesses that she continued to type until every word, character, and setting was out of her head and on paper. Seven years later, she published her first book and could not be happier with her chosen career.

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"Avery and Noah have life issues that shape who they are and both deal with issues that open a world that neither thought they could be a part of. I love stories that are real and Ms. Kern gives you that and much more." --Coffeetime Romance

You can find Looking for Trouble on Amazon, and it's only .99 cents.

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