Meet The Author: Jessica "Dragon" Cheramie

For twenty-three years, she was known as Jessica Dragon. Having a last name such as this inspired her debut novel, Meridienne Drake:Secrets of the Truth. Jessica was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina flooded her home, she moved to Houma, Louisiana where she resides to this day with her husband and fur baby (an eight pound Shih Tzu).
Reading and writing has been as much a part of her life as breathing. Keeping diaries and writing stories were always natural to her. As a child, she won many writing awards, her favorite being one that awarded her with a trip to Hollywood to be an extra in "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman".
For free time, she loves to travel literally anywhere and would call herself a closet knitter, but that seems too claustrophobic. She prefers to knit just about anywhere else.
Young adult and fantasy books have always been her favorite genres. Anything that sparks imagination and can create an escape from reality can enrich one's life. The Meridienne Drake Series is just one idea of many that sits in her little black box of books.

Meridienne Drake: Secrets of the Truth

Meridienne Drake was on the brink of her high school years, when she discovers she has more family. Feeling betrayed by her parents’ deceptions and secrets, Meridienne struggles between accepting and rejecting this new family. But this was only the beginning. Will she accept this secret life and be able to face what comes with that? Or, is all this heat too much for her? 

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