Meet Aspiring Author Abby Jones

Abby Jones grew up in a family of voracious readers. From the age of six, Abby showed signs of loving stories, but with a strong repugnance to grammar and spelling, she never considered writing. One day, her then boyfriend, now husband, took up the art. Inspired by his short stories, Abby began to take the stories in her head and put them on paper. Her first attempts at writing were mostly swords and sorcery, or high fantasy inspired by years of Dungeons and Dragons. With each story, she wrote herself into a box and set it aside. This trend continued for almost eight years. Finally, Abby decided to switch to a modern urban fantasy setting, and the stories started to flow. In two years, she finished her first novel, When Skies are Gray, a tale of a serial killer hunting two generations of the Galloway family. Less than a year later, she finished her second novel, Inheritance, a tale of a man forced to hold souls while they die. Inheritance is now a weekly, readable tale on her blog. She is currently working on book 3, 4, and 5.

Abby has lived in places as diverse as Los Angeles, California, and Yellville, Arkansas but Texas is her home. She can milk a goat and dress local socialites for charity events. Abby and her husband own a small set of designer consignment boutiques in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

She has designed a world which mirrors our own, which allows her to blend her research on serial killers, a love of fashion, steampunk, and her faith. She writes tales of hope after hardship, of the light shining in the darkness, of the power of friendship, and love. Her stories include witches, serial killers, fairies, angels, demons, vampires, and humans trying to live normal lives. Abby describes her writing style as an 80s action movie in a book, spiced up with bits of horror, thriller, anime, and poetry. Her main muses are J.R.R. Tolkien, Dean Koontz, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Rodenberry, and Joss Wheden, which gives her a unique, fun, and fast paced voice, though sometimes a bit cheesy.

With a strong background in classical fiction, literary fiction, and modern thrillers, Abby Jones hopes to offer back to the world what she enjoys as a reader – a great yarn!

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  1. It's always great to get to know more about a person. I look forward to following your success!